I'm So Excited the Pond is Done!

They finished spraying the seed and straw this morning, and the pond construction is complete! I put some photos of the process in a slideshow. Since they started work on February 8th, it took less than two weeks to complete the project. Ah, the wonders of modern machinery. It would have taken T years to do this using tractor implements.

Now that the major excavation work is done, the fun part begins! Or at least, what I consider the fun part-- the landscaping plan! I've already got some ideas. We definitely need to establish a border of shrubs because of some of the steep slopes involved. We don't want people misjudging the slope of the grass and trying to walk down the hill off the graded pathways. I guess by "people" I really mean "children". I think the slopes are something most adults could negotiate, and even if they didn't and slipped into the pond, they could still scramble out. Kids, not so much. Especially toddlers! So I'll find some border shrub that I like that will top out around 2' tall. Tall enough to keep 3' tall toddlers out, but nothing that would obscure the view of an adult walking along the path. Or even sitting on a bench along the path-- I'm not sure where I'll put benches yet.

While I can get some overall ideas at this point (like the size of the hill I'd like to fill with flowering plants that will reflect their colors in the water), I won't know a lot of the particulars until we actually start using the pond for recreation.

The direction of the sun in the summer will be different than it is now, so I'll have to note which areas have full sun, full shade, and which are partial so I know exactly what I can plant where. I'll also have to walk around to different areas to check out what reflections can be seen from which vantage points. And when I find the best views, I'll add seating areas at those points and plant to highlight those vistas specifically.

I might not even get much more than the border shrubs actually planted out this year; there will be quite a few required, and between that and the Maple Shade park plantings, not to mention putting in a few ornamentals around the jungle gym, might take all the time we have during the spring planting window. Oh yeah, T will be adding trees and berry plants to the orchard and starting the vineyard, as well. So I'm guessing most of the non-tree or shrub perennials will go in this fall at the earliest. We really want to focus on trees and shrubs this spring, in order to get them established since they will take the longest to fill out.