Finally Starting on Photo Album

I like the idea of making a photo album every year, but it remains to be seen if I can actually do this. In theory, it's not that hard-- you select some photos, upload them to a photo site, then design the album. Since photos have gone digital, there's no need to actually lay out, cut, and paste physical photos into an album. You can even add captions online and borders and whatnot, all without pulling out any scissors, glue, rulers, or pens. So it should be easy.

I actually don't think it's difficult, the problem is primarily with my slow internet connection. It takes so long to upload the photos that I dread the process. It doesn't take too long for me to open each photo folder on my computer to see if there's anything good for the album in there, but the whole thing where I've got to click around on the upload site and find the photo then wait for it to upload is a problem. For example, I just added five photos to the online album from January and February 2010. I didn't mind selecting the photos (and I probably looked at 50 to choose 5), but getting them online took endless minutes. And while they were uploading, I couldn't move on to selecting the March photos since the site's uploader can only do one batch at a time.

I'm using shutterfly, since that's where I've had books printed before, and while the process has always been kind of a pain, the books have turned out fine. But I wonder if maybe there is an easier way. It's not so hard for me to get photos online to put on facebook or this blog; in fact it's pretty simple, just a few clicks. Although the uploading for that is naturally shorter since they're just in online-viewing resolution which requires less data-transfer than for printing resolution.

I'm not going to bother looking into it at this point. If anyone wants to chime in and let me know if they're aware of an easier album-printing site, I'll certainly check out my other options before I start organizing the 2011 photos. But for now, I'll just grit my teeth and get it done the way I'm familiar with, even if it's painful. I may wind up just allocating 10 or 15 minutes at a time, just going through photos and selecting a few from each month, like I did tonight (Jan & Feb). And while this may be less efficient than just getting it done once and for all, since I suspect days will lapse between times when I feel like doing this, because of the interminable upload times it's not like I'm gaining much from momentum right now. And at least I've started the process. Once I start a project, in my middle age I've gotten better about finishing it. Not that I finish things right away (still haven't stuffed all the pieces for that doll I started a while back), but at least now I feel some small measure of confidence that they'll get done eventually.

I'm heading off to visit T's mother in a few days, and I'm bringing the socks I started to knit last time I was down there. It's been about a year, maybe a little longer. But I've knit a few rows on them here and there, and I think with a little free time where I'm not schlepping that little boy around from amusement to amusement I'll be able to finish up the last few inches. So I've already packed them, and the goal is to be done before I return to VA. Maybe if I finish early, I'll get a few more months of photos organized, too.