Eager to Be Done With Transverse Phase

I mentioned to my midwife yesterday that while I don't notice as much strain on my back as last pregnancy, I have been getting weird little stretching pains at my sides. When she felt the baby, she said he was in a "transverse lie". This means instead of being head-down (normal position) or head up (breach), he was fully sideways in my womb. And the womb is not really designed to comfortably hold babies that way. Which is why it pains me.

Fortunately, this is primarily a 2nd-baby, 2nd-trimester problem. With the first baby, there is generally not enough room in there for the kid to get sideways. But the muscles relax much sooner for the 2nd child, so he's got more room. However, once the baby starts really growing in the 3rd trimester, even 2nd babies run out of room for this kind of shenanigans. Since I just entered my 3rd trimester, I am looking forward to enjoying a more comfortable position with this baby sometime in the near future.

Midwife B also taught me a Mayan massage technique I can do on myself that should also help keep all the ligaments and stuff around my belly properly flexible to help minimize any discomfort. I'm supposed to do it once per day, and I did it this morning. These particular motions are also supposed to help communicate to the baby that he should be aligning himself head-down. Not sure that this little guy is going to be bright enough to figure that out, but I don't imagine it can do any harm, and who knows, maybe feeling the massage alignment will make a difference.