Got My Moby Wrap!

I wasn't terribly interested in going to the "Healthy Birth Healthy Baby" fair until they posted the list of door prizes-- so many seemed really good. But mostly I wanted a Moby Wrap. When I mentioned this to midwife B at my appointment earlier in the week, she tipped me off that I wouldn't even have to "win" a Moby Wrap, they had enough donated that I would just have to be one of the first people to ask for one!

So I showed up bright and early (it helped that the fair didn't start until 10am!) to be one of the first in line. I still had to get 10 stickers on my map (to ensure that women visited a number of the exhibitors before walking out with booty), but as soon as I did, I went right back and chose a Moby wrap from the table full of gifts.

It's basically a really long piece of knit fabric that you wrap around yourself in a particular way and then pop your baby into the folds and layers. It's definitely more cumbersome than the ring sling I used with W, but I still want it.

While the ring sling has many advantages, and I will still use it with b2, here are some of the disadvantages. Once the baby gets to a certain weight (over 20 lbs for sure), the ring can start to dig into your shoulder. Because the sling goes over only one shoulder, the weight is not evenly distributed over your whole body, and although it's definitely easier than carrying the baby, you still need to alternate shoulders and carry styles to help minimize fatigue.

The Moby wrap, while more cumbersome, distributes the baby's weight over both shoulders. It also lacks a ring, although I wonder if the knot might get uncomfortable pressing into my hip or back or stomach or wherever it's knotted. But mostly I got it to give myself another option for baby-carrying. I think I will suffer less fatigue if I alternate between the sling and the wrap, since each will use somewhat different muscles to support the weight of the baby. And I might find that the wrap is more useful when I'm engaged in certain activities vs. the sling (I'm thinking exercise).

I attempted to test it once I got home, but it didn't look quite right. I think the proportions of it are quite skewed by being tied over a pregnant body, so I'll just put it away until I need it for real.

I'm somewhat concerned that it will be so much fabric that it will be too warm to be comfortable over the summer, but I guess it depends on how hot a summer we have. It covers enough of the adult's body that I can practically wear it like a shirt with nothing underneath plus that'll make it easy to nurse. At least around the house, I'm thinking that will probably be the solution for summertime wear.