The Pond Is Full!

I figured the storm we got yesterday (lots of rain, all day long) would fill up the pond, and I was right!

It looks like there was a slight miscalculation about location of the waterline near the beach, since we weren't expecting the large rock to be underwater, but right at the edge. I was at the other side of the pond so I didn't get close enough to investigate, it's probably just a difference of a few inches of water depth. Perhaps we'll add some sand, but I'm probably not going to bother with that, we'll see. I might just make a nice "island" for the kids to play around in the water.

I've already started bidding on life jackets on ebay. I'm going to have to make a sign before we have friends over. Adults swim at their own risk, but I will require all children under age 16 to wear a life vest if they want to go into the water off the sand. I don't think I'll make them wear a vest if they want to just stay on the "beach" since it's relatively flat and no more than 2' deep, and near the shore for easy rescue. Off the beach the bottom can be uneven with drop-offs they can't see, and slippery with mud, so it's safest with a life vest. I will probably wear a life vest myself when I venture off the beach, at the very least during this first season while I get a feel for where the current is, where the drop-offs are, etc.