No Toddler Activity Today

In an effort to get W back to a more predictable bedtime, we've been working on getting him back to a more predictable WAKE time. I've arbitrarily chosen 8am, since that is when I generally wake up without an alarm, so I wake up T and W then now, too.

This should give us plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready for our day, but W wasn't cooperating today. Granted, I took the time to finish my coffee in a leisurely way this morning, rather than dumping the remainder into a travel mug and finishing it during the 30-minute drive into town as I usually do on an "activity" day.

And while I was able to get W dressed without too much fuss, he just seemed uninterested in putting on his shoes when we went back downstairs. Instead, he put on my shoes, he put on T's shoes, he played with toys in the hallway. I asked him if he wanted to stay home and play or go out, and he kept saying "go out", but I told him we'd have to stay home unless he put his shoes on.

Still, he never showed an interest in his shoes. And I was getting tired by this point (it was already close to 10am) and knew I'd be tired during the entire trip to the gym and back home, so I declined to persuade him to put on his shoes. He started acting fussy a little while after this, so we went up for our nap at 10:30am, much earlier than usual. I'm not sure why I'm so tired today!

While he was a good boy and lay in bed with me until T came in at 11:30am, W never did nap. T took him for awhile so I could try to sleep (although I never did, if I miss my "window" I have a hard time actually falling asleep for my nap). By 12:30 T had put W back into bed with me, but although W was obviously tired he just wasn't interested in naptime, so we broke for lunch. After lunch he was so tired he could barely stand up. Nevertheless, he was yelling and protesting taking a nap until the second he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and dozed off.

I'm just now starting to feel sleepy again (maybe it's this gray, rainy weather?), so I might try to catch a few zzzzs before W wakes up. Although I ought to set my alarm so I can wake W up before he sleeps too late into the afternoon, because that messes up his bedtime, too.

Sometimes I wonder at what point will I conclude that vacations are just not worthwhile given the disruptions to our regular routine. While being on a set routine is hardly crucial to our lifestyle, and T and I have great flexibility to just roll with whatever happens, it's still more difficult to deal with an erratic schedule than a regular one. And taking a vacation with a baby isn't nearly as relaxing as taking a vacation without one. Sure, it's nice when W gets to see new things, but under what circumstances exactly do the pros outweigh the cons?

We often chitchat with other parents now when we are in airports, and the general consensus seems to be that kids are much easier to travel with when they are a little older, can drag their own little carry-on behind them, and can comprehend reason. They don't have long-term memories before age three or four anyway, so anything they get from vacation is just short-term pleasure until then, and they won't really miss it later if they don't go on vacation.

Or maybe T and I will learn how to stick to a routine even during vacations. It will involve a lot more planning than just picking a destination and making reservations, however. And more limitations on activities, since experiencing too many new things during a day are part of what throws W off his schedule since he's just too excited to settle down later. And if you don't do much, why bother traveling to a new location for just one or two hours of new activity per day?

As of now, I think I'm leaning toward taking b2 on fewer vacations that W has had in his first two years. I won't vacation without the babe while I'm nursing, so that'll bring me to 2013 before I can go somewhere fun on my own or with T. Ugh, I don't even want to think about being stuck home on the farm that long without a break. I'm sure we'll still go on some sort of vacation, but perhaps just not the several per year that we've managed with W.