Mud Puddles!

I'm glad I put W in old sweats before we went out in the rain this afternoon. It actually wasn't raining when we left the house, so we enjoyed a quick walk down to the pond first. It appears that despite the near-constant rainfall for several days, the thing is engineered quite well and from a distance it doesn't even look like the emergency spillway has been put to use. There is definitely a brisk flow going through the pond through the regular outlet pipe. This I know since I could actually hear the water running over the rocks on the far side of the dam, from way over on the opposite side where our current best viewing platform is located. Our pond seems to be handling the water better than most of the roads around here, which may flood if this rain keeps up all night.

I also rescued some daffodils and irises that were trying to come up through thick piles of newspaper and cardboard that had blown atop them from a previous storm. In the nick of time, too, since the leaves that had come up on many of them were yellow from lack of light, and would have drowned or gotten moldy or something if I'd left them covered in all this rain. I also saw a few bits of green along our sidewalk-- it appears that the dianthus I planted last April are attempting a comeback, so I started pulling the grass that had grown up around them. The ground is so soft the grass pulled up very easily. Nevertheless I didn't finish the job since it had started to drizzle, I didn't want to kneel in water, and I can only squat down for so long before suffering fatigue. And I can't bend over without heartburn, so I just did the bare minimum. Although I did show T out the window what the dianthus seedlings look like, informed him that they were NOT weeds, and that he should finish pulling out all the grass in those beds before the soil dries out.

The drizzle didn't seem to bother W, so we continued to play outside. I took him down to his new swingset area, and he was having so much fun even before it's put together, I really can't wait until it's constructed and he can actually use it. He would sit on this two-person swing-like contraption that is just sitting on the ground now, and pretend to ride it. He also got on his hands and knees and crawled through the rungs of the ladder (just at the top where there is more room) while it lies in the dirt. And he filled the empty sandbox with wood scraps. But he seemed most to enjoy the mud puddles.

T didn't put down landscape cloth in that area yet, although all the grass was removed during the grading process, so it's quite muddy there. There were innumerable puddles about 2-3" diameter, and W systematically walked over to every one, lifted his little boot high, then SMASHED it down into the puddle to throw up a terrific splash of water and mud. Oh, what delight he got from that.

Since I was sitting a comfortable distance away on a large rock (can't wait for T to finish the project so I can move some outdoor furniture down there!), I didn't mind the mess W was making. That's what play clothes are for, right? SPLASH, SMASH, STOMP, again and again. It was pretty cute. I didn't have my camera with me since it was raining, but I'll remember. I'm sure it won't be the last time he stomps in puddles.

I just let him play until he wandered back to the house of his own volition. But I did make sure we took off our muddy boots (and in his case, muddy pants and jacket) out on the porch. It is cleaning day after all, and I like to enjoy the maid's efforts for at least a few hours in a sparkling clean house if I can manage it!