Terry's Screaming Fan

Although W and I arrived in time for T's entire performance today, I saw even less of this than I did of his last one, where we arrived after they'd started playing the first song.

W was freaked out by something going on in the room, but I'm not sure if it was the noise or the crowd or what. But he spent a good portion of the concert screaming and crying, so I spent an equivalent amount of time in the hallway trying to calm him down, and not inside watching T play.

If T ever does the rock academy again, I think I may try to get a sitter.

But at least we could still hear the band from the hallway, although I missed watching T drum. I did get a video of part of one song when W was calm enough to watch most of it. But we were standing in the back, and I was holding him with one hand, and filming with the other, and when he started to slip I had to stop filming to settle him back up on my hip. I don't have much of a waistline at this point (28 weeks pregnant), so it's hard for me to hold W for any length of time.

I did take video of the songs we heard from the hallway, figuring T might want to hear a playback of himself even if there's no visual. W looks so sad out there, but he didn't want to go back in the concert room. T wants me to post one of the hallway videos, so maybe you can watch for that in the future.

Tonight after W was in bed, T watched the videos I took of him last November for the first time, and he wants me to post more of them online (I only posted one song at the time) since he doesn't have his own YouTube account. I haven't bothered since they take forever to upload with our internet connection, but I'll try to focus enough to get it done.

I may or may not embed them in this site when they are uploaded. I might just direct you to my YouTube site. FYI, that's the easiest way to see all the videos I've ever posted, rather than trying to find them here on the blog. You can also "subscribe" to my YouTube feed from somewhere on my page there, so you can be alerted whenever I post a new video, in case that is your favorite part of the blog then you won't miss any.