Wildflower Garden

I've decided to go with a wildflower perimeter around the outside of the amphitheater. I measured it the other day when I was placing flags in the formal garden (actually, between the upper orchard and formal garden) showing T where to plant the lilacs.

The wildflowers will be 10' deep on the hill above the retaining wall, the entire distance around the house-side of the park. It's nearly 1500 square feet, so I ordered a whole pound of seed. Ought to do the trick. I'm curious to see how they'll do the first year, since the mix is half annuals and half perennials, and the perennials typically won't flower the first year. In subsequent years, I might want to overseed with more annuals.

I think I'm going to make this wildflower meadow do double-duty as my cutting garden, too. The haphazard nature of meadow planting is well-suited to having random flowers cut without showing obvious bare spots.