Lumosity is Fun!

I use the "Flock" browser from time to time, and it's got a link to online sudoku. I love sudoku, but only play online when I don't have any paper games left.

Today I clicked one of the ads from the sudoku page for more "brain games" and found the site Lumosity and I signed up for their free 14-day trial.

They recommend you go through one set of exercises per day, but I'm enjoying them so I've been playing straight through. I might finish their whole 30-day course today, in which case I suppose I'll move along to their other programs.

After I've used it a few days I'll write a review, but for now I'm just having fun. My favorite game is "Birdwatching" and my second-favorite is "word bubbles" and my least favorite is "raindrops". Raindrops requires very fast arithmatic, and I'm not particularly good at that.

I know, I know, an accountant who is not so good at math! But I'll repeat that accounting is really about classifying numbers as either on the left side or on the right, not about adding them up. That's what software is for. Mathmaticians do math, accountants classify revenues and expenses.

Back to the word bubbles! Watch out, I think all this word practice will help me at scrabulous. Not to mention that I just discovered scrabulous solitaire--I may try that next. If you haven't guessed by now, Terry and I decided not to trek into the city and are just goofing off in JC.