Started Editing Photo Book

I finally uploaded all the photos of William I liked from 2010, and tonight started editing the photo book. I only have a few more days until the coupon I have for a free photo book expires, so I'm kind of at the wire here.

I only finished editing the book through mid-June, but the site is intermittently slow and I've had enough of it. I'll have to finish up tomorrow so I can place my order. Fortunately, the site automatically put the book together in a halfway-decent fashion, so I just have to move a few photos around here and there and add captions.

It's supposed to be close to 80F tomorrow, so I doubt I'll spend too much time inside; I'll probably have to finish up the book in the evening. We tried to get a sitter for either tomorrow or the next night, but ours wasn't available, so I guess we're staying in anyway.