Jungle Gym Trees Planted

Well, most of the trees are planted. We went out this afternoon and measured out the oval around the jungle gym itself which will be mulched, then I placed ornamental trees and a few shrubs to landscape the background.

More accurately, I pointed and directed T where to put the trees, since they were heavy. Going clockwise from T's left, we've got a pink crepe myrtle, a flowering cherry (the largest tree, which should top out around 30' tall and 20' wide), two white crepe myrtles, a pink dogwood, and the last tree on the right is a white kousa dogwood.

We've also got three forsythia and three azalea in the shady areas under the taller trees. The arc of the trees encompasses a much larger area than just the border around the jungle gym, since I wanted it to also be outside the sitting area, wherever that will be. I have a plastic chair down in the tentative location, but I'll adjust that as the season wears on and I actually sit out there while W plays. The location will depend on what time of day we're most often out there, whether I prefer shade or sun or dappled shade, and where I have the best view of W to keep an eye on him.

T complained that my arrangement of trees was "like Stonehenge" but he's not known around here for being able to imagine things as they will be when complete. I've taken into consideration the eventual height and width of the trees, placed them where they'll get the proper amount of sunlight for their needs, and will look good simultaneously from the play area and from the house. Of course we won't get to see the completed look for another five or more years.

I'm eager for T to get the log border finished (he'll need to dig the logs in a few inches, so they won't roll around when kids step on them). Then it'll be time to finish laying the landscape cloth and put a load of mulch over the whole area. Because only after that is done can I invite other kids over to play with W. Until then, it's too muddy and there are still thorn bush roots exposed here and there. Oh, and he's got to fix those broken steps on the ladder.

T doesn't know quite how he'll get the roof of the fort up there. It kind of went crashing down when we disassembled it, although we were able to control the thing until it was only 4 or 5 feet above the ground so when it fell at least it didn't totally break up. Any way he figures it, it will probably be a three-man job (we disassembled it with only two people, but we had gravity working with us). I'm content to leave the roof off until he figures out how to get it up on the fort-- it's not required for any structural stability and W will have just as much fun without it.