11 More Azaleas

T finished planting the rest of the trees and shrubs around the jungle gym today. It's nice that he got those in before the big rainstorm we had this evening, they got a nice soak.

There are still 11 more azaleas to put in the ground before we go to NYC, though. Those are not going in the back yard, but on the driveway hill. I told him I wasn't particular about what varieties he got, and he wound up bringing home plants that will vary quite a bit in size. Some will top out at 2' tall, others 5' tall. I hadn't anticipated that, so I'll have to put some thought into where I want them. I think they'll all fit on the shady hill where we have three azalea already, but I'll have to check to see how tall the ones we've already planted will get. I don't want to plant taller varieties in front of shorter varieties. I might ask T to go ahead and plant some down by the pond. Hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow morning, so we can get this done without stress.