Snow in NY?

I haven't packed for our trip yet, and we leave in about 12 hours. I just checked the latest weather forecast, and it's calling for snow in NY both tomorrow and Thursday. Oh joy. It was gorgeous down here today, I'm glad we all got plenty of time outdoors.

At least W can walk pretty well now, and we won't need a stroller if we make good use of the subway and buses. Pushing a stroller through snow and slush would be a nightmare. I'll just be sure to pack W's boots and several pairs of shoes in case they get wet. Plus several pairs for myself, too, I suppose.

I think when I schedule my appointment for next year I'll get off this March schedule. The weather has been pretty miserable for our trip the past two years. Before W, it really didn't bother me much since I was indoors for shopping, museums, restaurants, or visiting friends. But now with a toddler, we spend a lot more time outside even if we do all indoor activities because he walks so much slower than an unencumbered adult. The only good thing about March is that the weather is slightly less miserable than over the winter, and the hotels are generally cheaper than other times of the year. But I think I'd be willing to pay more for better weather in the future, especially when I'll be wrangling TWO children instead of just one. When they are a bit older (and don't need to come home midday for naps, and can walk faster) we can go back to the off-season.