What A Day

Too tired to write more, so here's the synopsis:

Phone company deleted all the data on my phone in an effort to get my voicemail to work and stop auto-dialing someone else's mobile number. While they did fix the voicemail, they de-activated internet access.

Cats chewed through screen door and escaped, then knocked over cinderblock T had placed to "fix" the hole, and esacaped again (they're still at-large in the field).

Got a flat on the highway during the drive up, and the tire shop just put on the spare since they didn't have a tire in our size. Drove safely to NYC on the spare (it's full-size).

Had to drive through sleet/hail/freezing rain since trip was delayed by cats & tire.

On the plus side, W was well-behaved for the trip, at least we got a flat near a tire shop so T didn't have to replace the spare himself in the rain, and the apartment up here is awesome. T ran out to get us sushi for dinner and at the first bite we both exclaimed, "Wow, it's great to be back in New York!" (sushi just ain't quite as good in Cville).

If I don't get internet access back on my phone, there might not be any more posts until I get back home since we don't have it automatically here in the hotel. But man, despite it all, it really is nice to be back in NYC, and I think we'll have a good time despite the weather.