Successful Day

We had a good day despite the errands we had to run. We had to go out to Brooklyn to open a CD at a bank out there (the things we do to eke a little more income from our existing cash), and we had to get a new tire, so we combined errands.

Fortunately, that part of Brooklyn was rife with tire shops, so T parked the car in a loading zone for a few minutes, rolled the spare from the trunk into the shop, and it wasn't long before we had a brand new tire installed and we were on our merry way. Good old "Rafi's". We'd never heard of the shop, but we both got a good feeling about it as we drove by, so that's where we went.

The bank transaction took a full hour (had to go out and feed the meter, we'd only estimated 40 minutes. . .), but it's worth quite a bit of extra income for us due to the special rate they are offering on a 2-year CD. Luckily, they had crayons and a coloring book to entertain W, he never would have made it without that.

It was 11:30am by the time we finished all that, so we ate lunch at the pizza place near our car. What luck! I noted a sticker on the door said the place was designated a "Brooklyn Heritage Site" in 2008, so my curiosity was piqued. The pizza was good, but I am glad that T was inspired to order a calzone when the owner started raving about how they make "true" Brooklyn-style calzones and you can't find them very many places. Ordinarily, I don't like calzones, but I've gotta give that place credit, these were deeee-licious. Simple-- full of ricotta cheese with a slice of ham on the bottom. The big thing is that they are deep-fried instead of baked, and small enough to hold in your hand and eat, more like an empanada than the calzones I'm used to. Very good. W fell asleep in the car, and even stayed asleep when I carried him to the apartment, then I joined him in sleep while T looked for parking (to no avail today, he wound up in a garage anyway).

I got news that our friends we were going to meet for dinner had all their kids down with that stomach flu, so I agreed that as much as I'll miss seeing them, I really don't want to risk catching that right now. Without any time constraints, I took W down to Madison Park in the late afternoon.

It was only 1 mile away, but man, was I tired after pushing him in the stroller all that way. I was probably walking too fast for my condition, caught up in my old NYC fast-walking habit. But W had a great time at that playground. T called and said the folks at his old office wanted to see him, but I was too tired to push him all the way up there, so T walked down to meet me halfway and push the stroller all the uphill blocks. I still had to walk myself, so rather than visit much, I happily sent W off with T while I sat in someone's office in a comfy chair and rested and drank water. I needed that break desperately before the mercifully shorter walk home.

But I've been totally exhausted ever since. It's actually good we're not trying to entertain dinner guests here tonight. T went out with one of his old coworkers, I went to bed with W at 8pm, woke up at 9pm, am heading back to bed now.

This evening, I found a used double stroller on craigslist for less than half price of new, so I'm psyched to pick that up tomorrow morning. As a bonus, the seller can meet me just a few blocks from here at a very convenient time.

I have my appointment in the afternoon, then we'll visit friends in the evening. If I'm not too tired, I'll try to make it to our old book club since they are meeting tomorrow night. I went to that every month for years while I lived here, and intermittently when we were traveling between homes for more years after that. There are a lot of new people I won't know, but it would be nice to see the old friends who remain. I'm up to Ch 4 in the book, we'll see if I can't go a little further before tomorrow night.