Hanging Out at the Dealership

Ugh, not my ideal way of spending the afternoon. As we were leaving Casa Maria during Garden Week last Monday, the "TRAC OFF" and "VSC" lights came on our car dashboard. We had no idea what that meant, but I looked it up in the manual and apparently our anti-skid mechanism stopped working. I guess we overloaded the system trying to drive uphill in mud while leaving the parking field.

I forgot all about it while we were in NJ, and failed to make an appointment at the Richmond dealership. And I didn't even wake up early this morning, so I didn't have many options left to get this fixed before we drive home. Our best option was just for me to go to the dealership and sit around until they could fit my car in the schedule.

Fortunately, Terry was kind enough to loan me his laptop so I wouldn't be bored to tears while waiting. I expect to be here at least three hours. I need to clean up my email inbox, anyway.