Recovering At Home

Ugh, what a mess this pregnancy has made of my immune system. First there was that multi-month stretch where I was constantly sick from a rotating selection of winter colds. Then I got a skin problem that would have ordinarily gone away on its own but after a week I had to go get a prescription and with only a few days of treatment left, it's still not resolved.

Most recently, I got food poisoning that has lasted for five days now. As good as the calzone at Luigi's was, we determined that there were tainted vegetables on the slice of pizza I ate there (since neither T nor W ate vegetables, and were fine; this is my reward for trying to make a healthy food choice!). At least I am not in major pain (although the day of the incident was certainly uncomfortable to say the least) but I am still not digesting food properly, my appetite has dwindled to nothing, and so many days without getting the proper nutrients from my food has left me a bit weak. I am undecided about whether to attempt to go to ballet class tonight or not.

Ordinarily, I recover from stuff like this within 24 hours, if that long. I was feeling better yesterday during our drive home, so I ate a regular dinner last night, but that set me back. So today I am rather paranoid about eating anything. I had some crepes that T made for breakfast which have been fine so far, but I haven't eaten anything else. I don't feel like eating anything in particular, and if I think of something I'm in the mood for, I've been nixing it as too risky to try. We had big plans to measure out more planting areas to T could buy plants tomorrow but I've just stayed in bed all day.

T has had much more experience with stomach problems over his lifetime, so I'll wait until he gets home (he took W to music class today) and see what he thinks I should eat for dinner.