Ordered the Drum Kit

I decided last year that I'd get W a kid-sized drum kit for his 2nd birthday, and I still think it is the right time for him. While he's been able to bang on drums for quite some months now, only recently has he started adding more structure to his drum-play.

When we listen to the radio, he immediately picks up on the main instrument and plays the air version, be it guitar, piano/keyboard, or drums. When it's drums, he can really get into it. T said he noticed that W plays along with "fills" on the radio. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but I presume it's the parts where the drum plays a little solo riff at the end of a verse or wherever.

I think W is probably too young to start lessons, but we'll put his little kit next to T's big kit back in the studio, and W will probably learn plenty just by imitating T. Already, he likes to hear the metronome when he plays, although it doesn't seem to me like he's following along. But he's getting better about keeping a beat when he listens to songs on the radio, so it's a process.

I hope the kit will arrive in time for his birthday-- not that W is aware enough to know when his bday is, so it doesn't really matter, but it would be fun for me. I hope it's not too big for him, that we can adjust everything small enough to fit (the age range on the kit was 3-8 years. . .). W is going to be just too cute playing his drums, I know it. If you think I've got a lot of drum videos of him now, just wait. . .