On a Two Week Schedule Now

I had another appointment with the midwives today, and to my surprise I am now on a two-week appointment schedule (versus the four-week schedule I've had for a long time). I guess that snuck up on me, it must mean that I'm going to have a baby sometime soon. Yikes!

Although I must admit that I am starting to lose some of that preganancy-jubilation thing I've been enjoying since last September. I'm starting to move noticeably more slowly and ponderously, and both look and feel like a weird blond female sumo wrestler. I am mentally ready to lose the baby weight right now, but physically I don't have much choice but to carry it another two months, do I?

When I start to feel down, I just imagine how nice it will be to have TWO adorable little boys running around the farm. I don't know how I'll be able to stand the cuteness. W is so cute I can barely contain myself, I'm always grabbing him and cuddling him and kissing him. And soon I'll get to live with DOUBLE the cuteness? Sure, I'll be tired. And yes, there is a lot of work involved with caring for children. But before I had W I never imagined just how much cuteness is involved. It really does take the edge off all the extra work. It's such a good alternative to boredom.

T and I have had many conversations about how much more difficult our lives our since having W, but how we both prefer the current situation to the alternative-- if we had not been able to have any children. Sure, our lives would be quite easy, but with that came a certain dullness and boredom, too. I'm rarely bored anymore. I'm too busy trying to keep a toddler amused, and the family fed, and the laundry clean. Plus whatever else Terry the Taskmaster is riding me to get done. And when I'm done with all that, I'm too tired to be bored. We definitely wouldn't mind a brief reprieve every now and then, it would be nice to have a weekend to ourselves from time-to-time, but overall, we'd rather have a harder life full of love and cuteness than an easier life full of boredom and meaningless amusements.