Presents Ordered

Until last night, we still had an unused gift certificate to Toys R Us from W's grandparents from Christmas. They got him so many presents when we went down to visit at Thanksgiving (which we figured would count for Christmas, so were surprised at the extra gift), plus all the other presents W got for Christmas, that we really couldn't think of any more toys to get him at the time.

But T suggested that W really liked playing with the wooden blocks at the center where he takes his music class, so I ordered some wooden blocks. I figured I might as well use up the whole gift card at once (lest I forget about it and lose it before I get around to ordering from it again) so I also ordered an alphabet puzzle and a miniature basketball hoop. I'll present them all as birthday presents from his grandparents, I guess. If they send another gift card for his birthday, maybe I'll save it for Christmas and just do the same thing so W can open actual presents from them; I don't think he understands gift cards yet.

I am really eager to get the toy storage situation under control in the house. It will require 18" deep shelves in the playroom, and T has expressed an interest in building them. However, he is obsessed with getting an unfathomable number of trees and shrubs planted before mid-April, and I don't think he will agree to prioritize the shelves, since they are not weather-dependent. So the toy explosion will continue, unrestrained. At least there is a chance I can prevail upon him to get it done before b2 arrives.