Back at Home

The whole dealership escapade only ate 3 hours of my life. It's not as bad as I expected, but since there wasn't really a problem with the car and all they had to do was reset the computer to make the error message go away, it does seem like a long time to just do that. At least they washed the car, it needed it. Plus there was no charge.

And I got to hear all about the creepy Viennese guy who kept his daughter enslaved in the cellar and Miley Cyrus feigning embarrassment over the photo of her in Vanity Fair, and the golf course employee who beat up an alligator. And the sixty-something-year-old who was bit by a shark and bled to death on the beach in California. This is why I don't get cable at home--I didn't need to hear about any of that @#$%. I'd rather miss out on some news I could have benefited from and not know about the rest of the so-called "news" than hear all of what the media deems "news" in order to learn about a few things that might interest me.

Honestly, it seems lately that late-night TV provides all the information I care to know about the world. It inspired me to see Macbeth on Broadway, which was phenomenal. Conan just did a webcast with Max Weinberg and he mentioned his next show was in C'ville, VA. I'll have to see if we can get tickets (although it could've been tonight, the show is taped in the afternoon. . .).

I've got election day on my calendar in about six months from now, we're not getting a tax refund check so there's no point reading my mail. Is there any other "news" that will affect me personally? If there is, I'm sure someone will tell me about it eventually, I don't have to watch TV.