Talking Explosion

In just the past few days, W has started talking up a storm. I thought he was a baby genius when he started using a two-word phrase last month ("go out"), and so wasn't concerned that he still wasn't saying that many words.

But it seems that he suddenly figured out how to control his mouth to make recognizable words. T has been more into coaching him to talk than I have been, but today T was out at a movie with his friend, so I gave it a try. This was after W had been talking up a storm all afternoon, speaking in complete sentences, although not in any way anyone other than T or I would be able to understand, since he would mix his signs with ill-pronounced words. Nevertheless, he was expressing complete thoughts.

Tonight he wanted to eat some nuts. It was after dinner, so I initially said no, but then reconsidered. A few nuts wouldn't hurt the boy, so why not? But I did make him verbally request each one. He started out just saying "nuh" (for which I awarded him a nut), but after every nut I'd repeat the word, and explain that I wanted to hear both the "n" sound in the beginning and the "t" sound at the end, and within ten nuts or so, he was saying "nut" very clearly, with good diction.

I will have to pull out my videocamera to catch him saying "nooooo" since that's been his primary word for about 10 days now, and is pretty cute. But now that he is gaining other words I fear he'll stop using the one-word answer in the cute way he's been using it.