Hiding In Plain Sight

We've had two of W's larger birthday presents in their boxes in the front parlor since they were delivered last week. He's seemed intermittently interested in them, and when he asks about them (by pointing and making a squeaking sound) I say that they are for his birthday next week. That seems to suffice. I don't think he understands that he will be able to play with the toys once they are out of the boxes, so I think it will still be a surprise for him when he eventually sees them set up and ready for play. Both the drum set and basketball hoop are too big to wrap, so we'll just set them up on the morning of his party, or the night before.

It's certainly more convenient to have a toddler with limited comprehension than to have to go to the trouble of hiding large presents. Although sometime before next year we'll have a better solution for that-- T has consented to getting a shed!

I've been agitating (although not strenuously) for a shed for several years now. But what reason finally seems to have gotten through to T is to protect the outdoor furniture. One of our Adirondack chairs is completely busted up now, and he asked if there was anything we could do to make them last longer. I told him not running it over with the tractor and/or pickup truck would probably be a good start (This winter, the truck was in the snow near one of the chairs, and when I saw him trying to move the truck I ran out yelling to tell him to move the chair first. He refused, said he wasn't going to hit the chair, I was being paranoid. Um, right.).

I told him I used to put my chaise away for the winter, and it's going on 15 years now. I wouldn't call it "good as new" but there's nothing wrong with it, it's still comfortable and serviceable. I said it would not be a problem if only we had a SHED where we could store our wooden furniture over the winter. Finally, a reason to get a shed that would actually save us money rather than be a simple convenience.

We'll put it up somewhere near the orchard/Maple Shade Park area, since that is where we'll need a lot of the garden equipment, too. I need minimal equipment for my kitchen garden, which we'll keep in the left half of the garage (where *everything* is jammed now). Moving the lawnmower, weed whacker, spades, clippers, trimmers, etc. out of the garage will free up a lot of space and make it more like the potting area we intended it to be. My motorbike will also be in storage until next summer (which I am bummed out about!) so we'll get that out of the way, too.

Despite not farming on a commercial scale this year, T still has plenty of projects to keep him busy outdoors, so I don't have a clue when the timeline will be for getting a shed. I'm not even sure myself what the priority is-- whether I'd rather have the shed first or the deck. Either way, I can decide later because my focus now is hounding T to get the mulch down around the jungle gym so W can have friends over to play before next Tuesday.