Jungle Gym Progress

While I took W into town today to get some stairs cut to replace the missing one, T went down to the local lumber mill to get a load of mulch. Later in the afternoon, he worked on getting the jungle gym area into usable condition while I watched and W "helped".

T already replaced the missing stair in the photo above, despite the piece being wrong in quite a few ways due to the "idiots" at the hardware store. Honestly, I wasn't paying great attention to what was going on when I was in the shop, I just handed over the broken stair and asked that a replacement be cut and that I needed four screws to match the one I brought. Once T had made the stair fit, he showed me all the ways it was "off". All fractions of an inch sort of stuff, which is why I didn't notice, and it still works as a replacement, but perhaps I will go to a different store next time I need something like this and see if I get a better result.

T found some surprisingly long logs to use as a border in the front, including one that was curved in just the right way! He didn't have time to dig them in this afternoon, but hopefully he'll finish that up tomorrow along with putting down the last bits of fabric. Since he already has a trailer full of mulch at home now, he'll be able to put that down as soon as the logs and cloth are in place, and the project will be done!

He still needs to mulch around the new trees and shrubs, I presume he'll do that whenever he mulches the rest of the area. I moved my chair to a new location today-- where it was shady, since it wound up being quite warm this afternoon. It will be so nice once the trees and shrubs fill in. Of course, it will take several years, but hopefully the playground will still appeal to the boys then. Regardless of the ultimate longevity of the jungle gym, the landscaped area can always be repurposed. Maybe if they lose interest in the jungle gym as teenagers or whatever, we'll take it out and in its place put in a bocce court or horseshoes or croquet or something.