Kindle Redux

After waiting for a book from the library instead of buying it on the Kindle, I decided to see how it felt to do it the other way. I had put Tina Fey's memoir on my "wish list" last week after reading the review, and promptly forgot about it. But then I heard another glowing review on the radio, so I remembered it was available on Kindle, so I ordered it as soon as I got home. And it was downloaded to my machine within a minute or two (even with our slow internet connection).

I had been in a despondent mood that day, and wanted a quick pick-me-up. Had I not been pregnant, I probably just would've poured myself a glass of wine or two and watched some TV comedy and that would've done the trick. But since I generally limit myself to a single glass of wine, which doesn't really do much to lighten my mood at my current body mass, it merely serves to make dinner more pleasant, I needed something else to cheer me up. The book worked like a charm, it had me laughing out loud every few pages.

But I finished the book the next day, and now I can't even really give it away to anyone like I would with a paperback. So when you get a Kindle book it's more like spending money on a movie ticket versus buying a DVD you can later resell. Or maybe it's like paying to buy a DVD versus waiting a few more weeks until it's available free on Netflix.

With that in mind, I'm just not sure how often I'll buy Kindle books. Probably just when I need some written entertainment fast. I don't think I'd like it for reference books (although maybe there are instances it would be ok-- it does have a cool search feature plus you can take notes and locate them quickly). And I do use the paperback swap site to recycle my used books so there is utility in actually buying real books.