Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I was originally going to entitle the post, "Unexpected Progress on the Jungle Gym", but it's more complicated than that.

T was out digging in the logs when our neighbor came by to move the electric cattle fence further away from the play area, and he volunteered to help T raise the roof on the fort. At first, T declined, since we previously figured it would take at least three men to do the job. But then he took another look at the pieces, and said that maybe they could at least give it a try.

They brought another ladder out there, so they both hoisted the roof while climbing up together, then one climbed in to hold it from the inside while the other climbed in to attach the bolts to the frame.

W and I were inside while this was happening, so I didn't even know it was going on until I looked out the window and saw a man other than T in the fort with the roof already up. If this were the whole story, it would be great and unexpected progress, indeed.

However, it is coincident with a small setback. Fortunately, W got a chance to play out there earlier in the afternoon, since the fort is now no longer safe for playtime. T wound up being short a few bolts, so the roof is not secure now, and it's not safe for anyone to really be playing out there anywhere near the fort. One of the pieces of wood got broken while we were disassembling it, too, so that might also be contributing to a lack of stability. Hopefully, the bolts we need will be available at the local hardware store, so T can fix it tomorrow morning.

The landscape fabric is now completely down and secure, too, so if it's not raining tomorrow, T will be able to put down the mulch, too. There is quite a muddy patch outside the logs, too, so I suppose it would behoove us to put down some grass seed. But then I think we really might be done for the season. Well, apart from getting furniture. Then we'll be done. . .