Successful 2nd Birthday

I think W enjoyed his birthday party today. This morning he didn't seem too excited when we explained to him what was going to happen, but when his grandparents showed up with presents this afternoon, he got excited pretty quickly.

W eagerly tore into the packages, and was very excited with all his new toys. I'm very excited about the toddler-sized table and chairs and bookshelf that he got-- the table especially since he'll be able to get into and out of the chair himself and I won't have to lift him. Plus we'll be able to have more of our friends over to dinner-- as our families are growing, there is less room to fit all the adults PLUS all the kids around our table at once, so it will be very helpful to have a kids' table.

He did recognize the cake as a fire engine, and gamely attempted to blow out the candles, but I wound up helping him a little. He enjoyed playing with his friends, and was generally pretty good about sharing his toys. I should make an effort to invite other kids over to play more often, but when it comes down to it I'm usually too lazy to just pick up the phone; since W is also happy to play on his own it's rarely an issue where I need to find playmates to keep him happy.

W played his drums a bit this morning. Mostly he just bangs on them at random, but when we put the metronome on (from his father's big kit in the same room) he was keeping time for a while. I suspect W is probably too young for lessons, but I do think he'll be able to learn just by imitating. If he's not being "instructed" but just doing what he wants I think he'll imitate us naturally. So I might start learning the drums by default, so W has someone at his own skill level to follow along with. T is way too advanced. Of course, the timing of this endeavor is as bad as when I got a new bass guitar for Christmas a few months before W was due-- I didn't have a heck of a lot of time to learn how to play before I was caring for an infant full-time. I'll have even less time now if I try to learn drums. But I can probably play for a few minutes daily at least and learn a few simple patterns and count aloud to four. It's convenient that drummers for the most part just have to know how to count to four, it makes it an accessible instrument for even the very young.