Continued Good Progress

I got another glowing report from the midwives today. I'm now going to appointments every two weeks (down from monthly). Last visit I got the good news that I passed both my glucose challenge test and Vitamin D screening (in fact, my Vitamin D levels were among the highest of any of their clients).

I continue to measure appropriately (my womb has always been as long in cm as I am number of weeks pregnant), and today when I got my prenatal massage (everyone who sees these midwives gets Mayan pregnancy massages at each visit from the 20th week onward) the midwife said that I am remarkably in alignment, so no adjustments were needed (I think the Mayan massage is a little like chiropractors in theory, except instead of adjustments to the spine, it's to get little adjustments to the muscles and ligaments that support the womb and pelvis).

The home visit is the appointment after next, so just another reminder to me that my due date is approaching. Although midwife B said that she doesn't care if I have my home birth supplies in time for that visit since this is my 2nd baby, I should just make sure I have them by the time it would be safe to have my baby at home, at 37 weeks. I don't even remember what was on the supply list, although I do know that there are quite a few postnatal items I didn't wind up using since we had to transport to the hospital so soon.

So home birth supplies and an infant car seat are what I've got to focus on acquiring in the coming weeks. I'm hopeful we'll be able to get a used car seat (we borrowed the one we used for W, and gave it back when he outgrew it). I'm afraid that the same model we used last time is still our best bet for fitting in our car, even though we had to have the front seats farther forward than we liked. I haven't seen anything that takes up less room than the one we had. I think we're going to go ahead and get an infant carrier instead of a convertible (W's in a convertible now, and it takes up much less room than the infant seat, even rear-facing). I know now from experience that it is very convenient to transport a baby right in the seat rather than having to buckle the baby in and out of the seat when they are very little, so I'm willing to pay for an extra car seat to make that happen.