Pregnant Ballet (video)

This is for everyone who gets an incredulous look on their face when I mention that I take ballet lessons twice a week. No, this is not "prenatal ballet", it's regular ballet, I just happen to do it while I'm pregnant. Honestly, it's not that different from when I'm not pregnant. I am not kicking my legs over my head or doing the splits or really deep backbends whether I'm with child or not. The main limitations are that I no longer jump, hop, or leap, but we only work on those moves towards the end of class anyway, they aren't necessary during barre work. Also, I can't do the forward bends very well-- the baby prevents me from lowering my head down to my knees. But other than that, I generally keep up with the class.

I filmed this during the beginner class since it generally has fewer people so I could position the camera to mostly just get myself in the frame. It's the full barre section of class, about 30 minutes long. If you're just curious about how a pregnant woman does ballet, you obviously don't need to watch the whole thing to get an idea. If you're curious about what sort of moves we do in adult ballet class, you can get a good idea from watching this video.