Mystery Non-Meat

Ordinarily I'd be fasting for Good Friday, but I'm using the pregnancy exemption this year. I still abstain from meat, because that's compatible with my pregnancy, but I'd feel pretty ill if I did the traditional fast (which T insists is not a fast since you can still eat one full meal during the day).

I decided to use up those chickpeas I cooked with the lamb breast the other day. For lunch I intended to puree them into a spread to have on bread. But even though I added extra olive oil, they never really got creamy, they were always a little crumbly which I attribute to them being a little crisp after their time in the oven. So I decided to use them to make a falafel-like dish for dinner.

I've never made falafel before, so I wasn't even sure what goes into it, but I was pretty sure the main ingredient was chickpeas. I've made the falafel from a box, but never really examined the ingredients label. I did not bother to look up a recipe, figuring I'd just wing it.

So I took the pint of pureed chickpeas (which included a few kidney beans and onions as well as olive oil), and stirred it up with two raw eggs. I sent T into the garden for a handful of parsley, which I chopped and added. Then I added plain breadcrumbs until the moisture was just right to hold together as patties. Basically like making meatballs, but without the meat.

I made the patties, fried them in oil, and served them up with a garlic salt sour cream dip (because I had no yogurt or tahini on hand). They didn't really taste like falafel, but they were still reasonably good. They were a similar consistency to falafel, at any rate. But I don't think I can in good conscience call what I made falafel, so I'm not sure what to call it. Bean patties? Perhaps if I had been more into making vegetarian meals for T back when he was a vegetarian I'd know what this was. But instead I made vegetarian entrees for a few months, didn't really care for them, and spent the next several years just feeding T entree-sized portions of whatever meatless side dish I made to go with dinner.