Surprisingly Fast Egg Dyeing

This was my first year supervising a child's egg-dyeing, rather than doing it myself, and I was really surprised by how quickly it went!

I guess as a single (or even married without kids, for that matter) woman, I had little motivation to just dye eggs a simple color. If I was going to go to the effort of dying eggs at all, I generally made them somewhat "fancy", which took time.

W was not concerned with anything other than getting a color on the eggs. He wasn't even that concerned about it, actually, he was just following directions. And he was extremely efficient. I'd hand him an egg, and POP! into the dye it went. If I were dying eggs myself, I'd usually wait for several minutes for the color to deepen. But W just stuck in his hand and pulled out the egg when he was tired of waiting for it, and lo and behold, it always had a nice pastel color on it, so that worked.

And he didn't waste any time pondering what the next color combination of eggs would be-- whether to start with yellow then dip it into the blue, or vice versa. He just made his color choices spontaneously. It was very refreshing for me to observe. This is how his father would dye eggs, if he were interested. Put the eggs in the dye, take them out, there, it's done. Next! Of course it's too early to tell, but signs like this make me hopeful that W will be spared my ADD and take after his father.

If the photos and video look a little too good to be true, it's because I stopped filming when the eggs were dyed. As I carried the red and yellow dyes to the kitchen sink to dump them out, W poured the entire cup of blue dye on himself, his chair, the table, and the floor during the ten seconds I was in the other room.

Fortunately, the dye came out of the clothes easily. Less so off his skin, but T managed to get him clean in the bath later in the evening. I think leaving the cup of dye within reach of a toddler while I left the room, however briefly, was probably a "rookie mom" mistake. I make a lot of those. Next time I'll know better.