I'm Mad! Terry Ate My Lunch!

I had half a nice steak and some au gratin potatoes leftover from last night, and was looking forward to eating them for lunch.

But Terry ate them all before I had a chance. He said he ate it since there wasn't anything else, and I could go out to lunch since I "wasn't working". That's baloney since there was a pork chop he could've eaten, he just chose to eat my steak.

I have to go to the post office to mail the '06 Fed & NY returns, so I think I'll just stop by Uncle Charlie's steakhouse and get myself a brand new steak for lunch. Since I'm "not working" and have plenty of time. Harumph. I'm not even going to tell Terry how I just sold some DBC this afternoon for a 51% annualized profit. Not working, my @##.