Baby Book, One Photo At A Time

I pulled out W's baby book with a renewed focus on getting it done. I've always wanted to get it done before b2 arrives, but there have always been higher priority projects to finish until now.

But what a lot of work it is to fill this out! I didn't have the energy today to write in the info requested, but I did order some photos. There are unusually sized spaces within the book for various photos, and when I first got the book I thought, "no problem, I'll just use photoshop to resize my photos to fit perfectly". But that was before I got a new laptop that doesn't have photoshop installed. And I never really got around to learning how to use the open-source program I got to replace it. Even if I could be bothered to open up my old laptop to resize the photos, I realistically wouldn't do that since I don't have the free time I did before I had kids.

So I just ordered either 4x6 photos or wallets for the various months, depending on what looked like it would fit (I think I'll wind up trimming the 4x6s, but I'm not afraid to use scissors) and that'll have to do. I didn't even order all the photos needed to complete the book, I only ordered the ones for the months I had previously selected (months ago when I last worked on this project). But since I pick up my prints at the Sam's Club, there is no shipping charge so it doesn't matter if I only get a few photos at a time. I think maybe once I have some photos pasted into the book I'll be inspired to choose some more, plus I'll have a better sense about whether it will look better to put in wallet-sized photos or trim down 4x6s.