New Book Completion Technique

In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of completing W's baby book, I'm trying a new technique for filling it in.

Rather than trying to complete it in the order it's put together, I've started just flipping around and filling in the data as I find it. For example, I figured out how to view my google calendar as an "agenda" which just shows a list of entries, so I was able to see all the stuff I entered about W's milestones (I had the foresight to create a sub-calendar for that so it was easy to sort). So I went through the book and entered all the stuff from the calendar, I just had to figure out on which page to write it (4 month vs 5 month, etc.) It's mostly just heights and weights and a few teeth, but I think I also got a few more interesting milestones like walking and clapping.

So I feel I've made a reasonable amount of progress now, and am less intimidated by all the blank spots. Since many pages now have at least one thing written on them, it's a start. Going through my blog is going to take longer, but it should enable me to answer some of the questions posed in the book (baby's favorite activites for each month, special toys, new foods tried, stuff like that). But that's a little more time-consuming, which is why I only do about one month at a time. If that.

I might go straight to selecting a few more photos tonight. Like I realized last night, since I pick up my prints at the store I don't pay for shipping so I can order as few photos at a time as I feel like, so I won't worry about getting them all, I'll just pick out a few and place the order. And if I have to pick up three to five different orders next time I go to the store, so be it. Better than saving them all up for one big order and not getting around to ever placing it.