Chugging Right Along

I picked up two packs of photos on my way home from yoga this morning, and was able to put all the photos in W's baby book this afternoon and evening. Plus I've got a whole bunch of extra photos, since I didn't at first realize this, but wallet-sized photos come in sets of two.

Since I finished putting the photos into the book, I went back to the task of writing in information. I got a few more sentences filled in. I'm glad there's just room for a sentence about the baby here and there-- really, what do you write for "new foods I liked" when the baby is exclusively breastfed for the first five months?

Although it's time-consuming, going back through old blog posts is very helpful. I'm up to W's first smile, so am only on "2nd-month milestones" which is pretty far back in time, but if I just stick with this a little bit every day I'll get caught up. Now that the book is intermittently full of photos and data it's less intimidating to focus on what's still blank.

But I think for b2 I will be more motivated to update a page each month as it happens, rather than having to backtrack. I'm undecided whether I'll go for another copy of the same baby book, or try something new. I'm leaning toward keeping the same format, since now I have a pretty good idea of the sort of record-keeping required, what size photos fit where, etc.