No Tornados Here

Although I've been hearing about severe thunderstorm and even tornado watches and warnings since late afternoon, everything has pretty much missed us.

Fortunately, we did get some rain. The weather this week has been really good for all the seed T put down lately. He re-seeded grass in several areas, re-seeded the clover throughout the orchard, and seeded the new wildflower meadow behind the amphitheater. The grass back by the pond has filled in pretty well by now (first seeded back in February) so it's much easier to walk back there and not so muddy and slippery anymore.

On the one hand, I'm a little bummed out that we missed the big excitement of a terrific storm. I never feel quite comfortable when it's happening, although intellectually I feel pretty safe since we have no large trees near the house and we had lightening rods installed soon after we moved in. But afterwards I'm always interested in seeing if any trees were hit and came down. I always hope that lightening gets the dead trees, since they're not really safe to leave standing and T will only take them down if they aren't too big for him to handle on his own. We've been to cheap to hire a tree crew to get rid of them, so mostly I just take note of where they are when I notice them, and keep a wide berth and don't walk near them.

On the other hand, while I can deal with a scary storm alright, I do feel bad when W gets scared and makes the "all done" signal when he wants it to stop. And we don't have a great place to go as far as tornadoes are concerned. While we do have a crawl space, it's only accessible from the outdoors, where you don't want to be if there is a tornado bearing down on you. I think I've determined the safest spot in the house would be the pantry in the kitchen, since it's in the middle of the house, with no windows.

It's safe to say that I am more happy that the storms bypassed us than I'm sad we didn't get any dead trees taken out for free.