Swept the Garden Rugs

T is convinced that I've started "nesting" but I'm not so sure. We spent the weekend in Richmond, but came home this morning. After my nap, I went downstairs to see what my men were up to. They were playing together nicely, so I decided to go outside and straighten up the garden a bit. It has been in atrocious shape since the last wind storm which was right after all the flooding.

The first thing I decided to do was to get the dirt up off the carpeted paths. While T was conscientious enough to not tear up the carpets when he tilled the soil prior to planting the spring vegetables, he was no so conscientious to lift the carpet completely, and consequently it was buried under a layer of dirt. Which defeats the purpose of having a path.

So I shook off what dirt I could, then got the push-broom and started sweeping. It took a while, but I got all the paths back into shape (some of the carpet had been blown completely to new locations by the storm) and cleaned. T was yelling out the window that I was crazy and making the garden look neater was a very low priority and I should not be wasting time on that.

I responded that because it was a low priority FOR HIM was the reason I was out there at all. I was sick of looking out the window at that mess every day. At least now, while it is hardly the picture of a well-groomed and manicured garden, at least all the paths are back in place, the empty pots that had blown all over were once again collected and placed back with the other supplies, and I did a small amount of weeding, mostly yanking up the wild onions which were very tall and drawing attention to themselves.

On a positive note, the garlic seems to be doing quite well this year, we will hopefully have large bulbs by fall that will last us through the winter. About half of the lettuce has come up and is doing well. I'm not sure what happened to the other varieties we planted, I suspect they needed more water than T gave them when they were covered in the cold frame.

There are quite a few ornamental perennials I'd like to relocate to better accommodate my revised garden layout, and although T knows where they should go, I might have to resort to moving them myself if he doesn't get around to it. He legitimately complains that he's got a very long to-do list, but my issue is that his own projects always get top priority and he does things for me only after he does his own things. And he'll spend 4-6 hours daily on his stuff, and then only 1-3 hours on yardwork. This would be great if we had a 1-acre yard, but makes for very slow progress in an area as large as we have to maintain.

I'm not going to nag him too much, since he's pretty good about not nagging me. But I will just start taking care of whatever it is that I want done myself. If I can manage to do it at a time when T will visually SEE me doing the work, it is sometimes enough to get him to come out and take over the manual labor. Other times, he'll just yell at me to stop it (like he did today) even though he won't make any effort to fix the situation himself. Even if I can only transplant one plant in the time it would take him to dig up and transplant an entire patch, at least some progress would have been made toward improving the garden, which will make me feel better. Because T will almost never commit to a date to get anything done, if I don't start transplanting the daisies and things myself, it very well might not get done until fall, and that would make me mad all summer long, and I'd like to avoid that.

So I guess I'll set a goal of transplanting one plant per day, and see if I can fit that in. If I can, I should have it done before I have this baby, and I'll be happy with the garden during the months I really won't have the time or energy to work out there.