Midwife Can't Find the Baby's Head

I've got to go in for a sonogram on Friday since midwife D couldn't figure out where the baby's head was at my appointment today. The problem wasn't even that the baby is in the wrong position (which it is), but that it's in such a weird configuration that she can't even figure out what position it's in at all. It could be all twisted up like a yogi or something, and sideways.

So we need a sonogram to determine what that baby is doing in there, and come up with a plan to get it to turn the right way. My guess is that I'll have to spend the weekend crawling around on all fours, or hanging upside down over the edge of the bed, or doing squats or something, then go in again next week to see if any of it made the baby move. Let me reiterate that this is my guess since the midwife did not discuss any possibilities with me since she doesn't know the baby's current position. All she said was that there were many ways to persuade a baby to turn, but there are different techniques to use depending on the baby's initial position.