Making Steady Progress Toward My Guitar Hero Goal

I played for a few hours after I took the tax returns to the post office. I scored 100% on a few more songs in the Easy career mode, so I only have 11 of 38 songs left to perfect. I did boost my score enough to hit 4.4 million which moves me to above 4,400--I won't know exactly what place I'm in until the GHIII servers update overnight. I'm not sure if there's any way to know how many people I'm ranked against, but my best guess is over 535,000 on the Wii platform on Easy. I got that number by clicking around profiles until I found someone new who had a low score, and seeing where they were ranked, and figure there must be at least that many people included.

I'm currently in the top 1%, and I'm pretty happy about that. My goal is to place within the top 50. Then I'll move on to medium.

Actually, I am already playing songs in medium--I've raised most of the scores to the 5-star level, the next step to perfect them. I've got one song in medium finished perfectly, 37 to go.

I'm working on three songs in Hard. I don't want to finish a high percentage of songs in hard, since that would preclude me from entering tournaments at the Easy level. So I'll just stick with the first three songs until I get really good at them before I move on. They're really hard (the levels are aptly named. . .), it will take a while. I spent about 30 minutes just trying to learn how to play the solo in "Talk Dirty to Me". And I'm still only at 3-stars.