Baby Head-Down

After reading a little on breach babies Wednesday night, I was pretty bummed out about my situation. Only 3% of babies were still breach at 36 weeks, so it wasn't a normal situation. And while simple techniques for turning the babies work a vast majority of the time (80%) this success rate is only for turns during weeks 35-37, so my time was running out to turn the baby.

So I did one "inversion" Wednesday night, and three more yesterday. This involves little more than propping your legs and hips up 12-18" and relaxing your stomach muscles, and remaining this way for 20 minutes at a time.

I'm certainly no expert at figuring out a baby's position, but it seemed to me at the start of all this that some little part (arm or leg) was the part down in my pelvis where the head should have been. The inversions allow the baby to get up out of the pelvis and turn itself around.

By last night, I could feel that the baby was fully transverse in my womb, although I didn't know whether the head was on the left or right. But I could feel it solidly going across my body, and nothing was down in the pelvic area. From this point, I spent much of the remainder of the evening leaning forward on the sofa. This put gentle pressure on the sides of my womb (from my legs), which I hoped would encourage the baby to turn up & down. And I was just hopeful it would turn head-down instead of head-up.

This morning as we were heading in for the ultrasound, I was hopeful that the baby had already turned. I could feel that it at least wasn't transverse anymore, which was a good start. I was very relieved when the ultrasound showed that the baby was not only head-down, but also face-down, which is the best way to be for a natural delivery.

Now all I've got to worry about is keeping that baby in place. Most of today went fine, but this evening I felt some major turning in there, so I may have to poke and prod some more to see if I can get a sense of where he is. Sometimes breach babies just like that position for whatever reason and try to return to it, even after they've been head-down. I hope that's not the case with b2. I hope he was just confused before and will settle in properly now.

My next midwife appointment isn't until Wednesday. I think that's the date after which I'll be able to have a home birth if I go into labor, even though it's still early. But personally I figure I'll have to wait until my due date, or at least within a few days.

The baby measured 7 lbs now, and the sonogram doctor said from here on in the baby will tend to gain about an ounce per day, so b2 is on track to be about the same weight as W was at birth. At the beginning of this pregnancy, the midwives guessed this baby would be between 8.5 and 9 lbs, and it looks like they will be right on target. I suspect he'll be a little shorter, just because I don't feel as big as I did with W. That 23" baby really filled me up, but this one doesn't seem to be as crowded. Although who knows, I'm no expert at this, it's just my intuition.