Really Getting Tired

I thought I was fatigued before, but now it's getting really bad. I wanted to clear out the laundry room a bit this morning, but T insisted he first needed an hour of solitude to get some work done in his office. So I walked with W to the mailbox to put out some letters, and then we finished the hour in the backyard playground. But when it was time to come in and go back to the laundry room, I only had the energy to fill one box with baby clothes (W's 12-18 mos outfits had been cluttering my folding table for months now) before I had to stop and lie down.

After lying down, I was able to read books to W for about 15 minutes before even that was too tiring, and I had to take a nap! W did not want to nap at 11:30am, but I knew he was getting tired himself, so I persuaded him to just stay on the bed and read his books to himself while I napped. When I awoke at noon he was fast asleep using my belly as a pillow. I moved him over so I could get up, not so much because I wasn't tired anymore, but because I had become too hungry to continue sleeping. After eating some sandwiches leftover from yesterday's brunch, I easily went back to sleep until 2pm.

At that point, I had finally recovered from the morning's activity and had energy to face the afternoon. I fed W, got us both dressed and ready for music class, and then went to class. There is a bit more standing-up-and-sitting-down and stomping around and dancing than I would ordinarily opt for, but it's only 45 minutes or so and I made it through. I barely made it through grocery shopping afterwards, though. I had to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other to push W in the cart through the store, and was grateful that T was done with his work and ready to meet us at the door when we got home at 5pm.

I pretty much spent the rest of the evening lying down. T made a pretty good attempt at cooking dinner (I will spare him by not elaborating on this).

So it appears that I'm good for only about an hour of activity before I'm so tired I need to lie down. I can push myself to two full hours of activity, but then the need to rest is even more acute. T has warned me that I need to ratchet down my expectations for the next few weeks so I don't get depressed about not getting things done. He seems to think I'll have much more energy after the baby is born.

I seem to recall being utterly exhausted by breastfeeding every 2-3 hours round-the-clock, and that goes on for weeks at that schedule. But T insists that he remembers the last weeks of pregnancy being the physical and emotional nadir for me last time, and that I perk up after the baby is born, and even if I'm tired, it's not like the 9th month. I guess we'll see about that.

I do recall the surge of birth hormones really did make me emotionally much brighter, so that will be a plus at any rate, even if I'm still physically fatigued. Three more weeks to go, give or take a few days. I'll just have to power through.