Skinny Wading

It was a warm day, but W and I are taking our entry to pond life slowly. I waded in au naturel, but made him wear a life vest over his birthday suit. T made a good point earlier that even in the shallow part I should make the babes wear vests as long as I'm encumbered in any way. Which for now is the state of advanced pregnancy, and in the future will be being responsible for both a baby and a toddler. Because although odds are I could still rescue W if he toddled and fell into the deep part, it's true that I'm hardly at a peak level of physical responsiveness. So a life vest, even in the shallows, is entirely prudent. W wasn't super keen on it, but he tolerated it just fine. I'm sure he'll get used to it.

Today was W's first trip into the pond (I've already waded in this season). At first, he didn't like getting his feet all muddy. I sat on the rock, and he climbed up to join me. I showed him how to kick his feet in the water to get the mud off. But after just a few minutes of sitting, he pointed to the water, and indicated that he wanted to go back in. So we walked the full length of the beach in water about up to his knees. He liked it. I was curious about the edge just past the beach, since it also looked shallow. It turned out to be shallow, but with just the mud bottom and no sand it also turned out to be VERY slippery. I only took two steps before realizing there was no way I should be trying to walk on that, so we walked back down through the sandy part. By this point, W was done with the experience so we sat on a sheet until we dried off (which was pretty darn quick in the sun). That's when I took the above photo. I don't have a waterproof camera (and obviously had no pockets at the time) so I didn't get any photos while we were in the water.

If we weren't in the water, I found it too hot in the sun to be comfortable, so we walked around to the hammock camp side of the pond and settled there in the shade. W wasn't used to sitting in a hammock, either, so it took him a while to figure out how to get comfortable.

But once he settled in, we wound up hanging out in the hammock for nearly an hour. I sang him songs to keep him amused since we didn't have any books or toys out there, and he wasn't as content as I was to just lie back and look at the leaves in the trees overhead. But I was pretty glad he was at least willing to sit in one place for so long, singing doesn't take a lot of energy for me and I needed a rest after the long walk from the other side of the pond.