Practice Contraction (I Hope!)

Just one day after I was asking my midwives if it was a problem that I haven't yet had any practice contractions, I got one. At least at this point I'm HOPING it's just a practice contraction. I think I got the second about 30 minutes after the first.

I noticed my uterus getting hard on the drive home from ballet this evening (around 7:20pm). And once I got home, I lay down to rest and was trying to feel to make sure the baby was still head-down, and thought I felt another around 7:50pm. I wasn't sure where the baby's head was, so I did a quick inversion, now I'm pretty sure it's head-down, albeit maybe a little to one side.

I don't even have my technical birth supplies yet, they're supposed to arrive via Fedex Ground tomorrow. I was even joking during ballet class that this baby doesn't need to wait for the stork, just for Fedex. To make matters a little more interesting, I have had the feeling all day that the baby was dropping. Which doesn't necessarily happen on subsequent births until labor is imminent.

So while I wouldn't say I'm on high alert right now, I have thought of a plan B in case I go into labor in the next 24 hours. Plan A included sending W to my neighbor's house while I'm laboring, but she's out-of-town now and I don't think she'll be back until Saturday.

But then she's also the one who told me with her last child she walked around dilated 3 cm for the last several weeks before going into labor (past her due date, at that). And these practice contractions would be necessary for any dilation to occur, so maybe that's all that's going on here. I'm getting my early labor over with over the course of the next few weeks instead of all at once at the end.

Yeah, let's go with that. Or at least wait until K is back home and my birth supplies are here and I'm in my 38th week instead of 37th. B2 doesn't need a June birthday, but now just seems a tad early. Next week, kiddo, next week (or later!).