Practice Confirmed

When I had 4 or 5 more suspected practice contractions in the two hours following the first, T suggested I call the midwives sooner rather than later. Not only so I wouldn't wake them unnecessarily, but also so he could get some sleep now if it was true labor.

I'm glad I called-- this type of contraction is pretty typical for subsequent births, and some women can have contractions like this every night for entire weeks leading up to birth. And sometimes they'll even be quite close together, etc. so you think you'll have the baby soon, but then they stop and you get nothing for days.

Midwife B gave me some tips to make them go away: drink more water since they can be caused by dehydration, eat more calcium since a deficiency can bring them on, get more rest since they're more likely to happen when a woman is fatigued, and if they are making me uncomfortable so I can't rest then take a bath and then they'll usually go away. Or drink a few ounces of wine. But not too much wine, since if they do turn into the real thing you don't want to go into labor with a buzz. You want just enough to relax your muscles a little bit.

So she thought that it was unlikely that these changes I'm having today mean that I'll have the baby soon. But it was possible, so she recommended I go to bed early tonight, just in case. Because given these symptoms, I need more rest right now regardless of when the baby arrives.

I did give my goodbyes to everyone in the ballet class tonight, I knew I wouldn't be back in future weeks, although I didn't think taking one class this week would be so hard on my body. Live and learn, eh? I said I'd be back for classes in the fall. I don't know that I'll be able to fit it in over the summer with b2's nursing schedule, since I plan on feeding on demand for the first few weeks at least. And then who knows, I'll just have to see how it goes. If the feeding schedule lines up perfectly with class times I'll go, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be coordinated enough to pump and prepare and stuff just to go to ballet class. I'll just focus on getting the baby fed. Priorities!