Focaccia Done for Pan Bagnat

One of the items I at first envisioned making for the Mother's Day brunch was Pan Bagnat, since it's best made in advance. But then I gave myself a reality check and decided to stick to foods I'd made before.

But since then, I've still been craving this sandwich. So this morning I started the process. First you have to make focaccia bread. Well, I guess you don't have to make the bread, but it's what Jacques Pepin & Julia Child recommend in their cookbook, so that's what I did. Besides, we don't have a bakery here in Crozet.

The dough was very wet, so I went ahead and tweaked the recipe just a little because I didn't have the patience to work it as written. I just added a few tablespoons more flour and used the dough hook in the food mixer instead of kneading it by hand, since I didn't feel like getting my hands all sticky in the wet dough. Seemed to work out all right.

I delayed my nap until the bread was out of the oven, but W still isn't acting very tired. Nevertheless, after 3 hours of insomnia last night (3:30am-6:30am) I'm beyond ready for my nap. I had originally planned to have the sandwich made before lunchtime so it could be weighted and soaked and ready in time for dinner, but that didn't happen. So I guess I'll have to come up with something for dinner, and we'll have the sandwich tomorrow for lunch.

I was going to take W to Fridays After Five tonight, but it's very overcast and the weather report is calling for showers today. But if there is any chance of rain I'm not going to go. Because there really is no alternate indoor event suitable for a mom and toddler at that hour, and I don't want to just have to turn around and drive 30 minutes back home, making a total of 1 hour in the car for no good reason. It would be best if I could find a suitable event here in Crozet to avoid that drive into Cville. Some of the wineries have free music on the weekends, but I think most of them start a bit later so they're less toddler-friendly. But there are a lot of wineries on this side of the county, so I should probably spend a little more time looking into this.