Pan Bagnat

The pan bagnat I made the other day turned out fine, but this version was nothing to write home about. T and I agreed that it was about as good as you'd get from any random cafe in Paris. So the recipe I followed might actually be for Parisian comfort food since it was written by a French guy.

But next time I will definitely kick it up a notch, to suit T's and my personal taste. The vinaigrette was ok, so I might stick with that (although I already doubled it, might have to triple it next time). I'll use twice as many olives, and more onion. I might use two different types of olives. I used sundried tomatoes this time, but next time I'll use fresh (guess I'll wait a month or so until they are in season. . .). Anchovies were listed as optional, I'll probably go ahead and use them next time. The brie worked well.