I followed this recipe from kitchenparade.com to make rhubarb rosemary jelly. Except I used 1.5 lbs of rhubarb and adjusted everything up proportionally. It wound up being just a little too gelatinous to be perfect, so I'll add more water next time. I think I did cook the rhubarb mix longer than the recipe indicated, so I may have condensed it too much so it's likely to be a cooking execution problem more than a recipe problem. Plus, I've never made jelly with gelatin before (I've always added pectin) so I was just hoping for the best and waiting to see what happened.

Nevertheless, this jelly turned out be really delicious! I am not a huge fan of rhubarb, but since T planted some last year, it's fairly well-established now and we are rolling in the stuff, so I'm just trying different recipes to discover what I like.

This jelly is definitely going to the top of the list! I'll make another batch either later this week or this month, and I'll put it into smaller jars and give them out as gifts. It's that good, and something you can't readily buy in stores.

In my opinion, the only reason to make your own jelly (or sew your own clothes for that matter) is to acquire something that is either completely unavailable in the marketplace, or is available but prohibitively expensive. I could probably find rhubarb rosemary jelly available somewhere but my guess is that after shipping costs are figured I'd wind up paying $15 or more for a jar of the stuff. And here the rhubarb and rosemary are free, and it only takes about an hour of my time start-to-finish, and I get 2 quarts. If I pick more rhubarb, I could make a larger batch without increasing the time and effort too much.

T pointed out that one needs to figure the time and cost to plant the rhubarb in the first place, but I argue that we don't, since it's a sunk cost. That rhubarb is growing in the garden like gangbusters, without any particular care or fertilizer, and it's taking over its patch of earth without any input from us now, whether we harvest it or not. So this year, it's free. Same with the rosemary. I' haven't touched that plant other than to harvest from it for years, and it's a monster. Around 3' high and 4' wide. Pretty scraggly-looking, but still delicious, so I let it remain in place for now.

Anyway, this post has started rambling when all I really wanted to do was direct you to the awesome recipe for rhubarb rosemary jelly. I recommend it to anyone. I eat it on toast, and it's delicious. Haven't tried it with peanut butter, but it just might work in a pbj sandwich, too. . .