Dance Video Footage

I've had it in my head to make a spoof video for a rap anthem from the late 1980s. But I've got to be visibly pregnant in it for the concept to work. I've got the replacement lyrics nearly worked out, but I've been procrastinating on filming the video.

But ever since I've started getting nightly contractions (and now they happen during the daytime, too) I've figured that I'd better stop procrastinating, you know?

So there was a slight break in the rain this evening and I made T go outside with me and film me doing my best attempt at hip-hop dance moves. Good thing I'm aiming for a SPOOF video, since I look ridiculous. But that is the point, so it's ok. It might have been better if I actually had the music playing in the background, but if we wait for me to get my act together and arrange for that to happen, there's a chance I won't be pregnant anymore. I don't think my attempts at dancing would be improved for this application by actually being on the beat. I don't even know if I'd be capable of moving that quickly at this point. It is an extremely slow act of strength for me to haul my body up a flight of stairs right now, let alone dance vigorously.

Maybe I'll aim to get 30 seconds or a minute of video every evening until I have enough to work with and make an interesting edit. I'll get to wear different outfits, too. But for tonight I'm done. I'm really worn out. And no, I'm not going to post these video clips separately. They will be seen as part of a completed video project, or not at all.