Pond Flooded (Video)

We got more flooding in the area today-- I found out when I tried to run errands and the main bridge had water rushing over it. The current was very strong, too, not something you want to attempt to drive through. So I had to crane my neck and drive backwards up the one-lane road. Probably a quarter-mile like that. Too bad we don't have some way of knowing in advance when the bridge is flooded, so we don't drive that way to begin with.

We got several breaks in the rain, so we went down to check out the pond the last rain-free minutes before sunset. Wow-- the pond level was high. I'd guess at least 2.5' over the regular level. The entire beach was underwater, I don't think that even happened the last time we had the flash flooding.

We were happy to see that the re-engineered riprap spillway was working great. That's what is pictured first in the video. It was containing all the water and keeping it channeled neatly away from the downstream tree, and dumping it into the stream that flows to the reservoir.